Bart Van Meurs

While creating Fur&Co, my mission remains simple: I am reinventing the use of furs and leathers. More importantly however, in today’s ecological climate, my designs are sustainable - without sacrificing practicality and aesthetics. Having had the privilege to reside in numerous countries during my life, it quickly became apparent to me that not only is fur use cultural, but even in this modern age, is no less relevant to our survival - few man-made materials protect as effectively from the elements as leather or fur. Nor are such unnatural substitutes as eco-friendly as their organic counterparts. Threatening environments for the production of chemical equivalents predicates a cruel irony. Fur, unlike chemical synthetics, breaks down and rejoins the Earth from whence it came, it is sustainable - an important and rare attribute in this “modern” age.

As far as I can remember, I have been enraptured by the natural beauty of furs. Spotting varieties new to me and discretely stealing a touch, was as fascinating to me as it was magical. In 2010, I started toying with the idea of textile fusion - combining opulent fabrics with the rich, unique patterns nature provides - through leathers and furs. Such matches are virtually endless affording me much creative license and control.

I aspire to share my designs with the world.